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How much notice do you need for a photo shoot?
The more notice the better especially for the months of October, November and December as it is a very busy period for us so we suggest booking us well in advance for that period.

Otherwise it really depends from one week to another.

How much time do you need for a photo shoot?
It depends on many factors; how many people they are to photograph, the type of photography involved (outdoors, indoors, type of background used), the amount of different style required etc

The best thing to do is to tell us you requirements and we will give you an estimation.

Can you take photos in our location?
Yes we can as we have a portable studio and we bring everything needed including studio lights and backgrounds as required.
What are your requirements for the photo shoot?
If the photos are to be taken indoors with a backdrop we need at a minimum 2m wide by 3m long but the larger the better especially for group photos. If you do not require a backdrop, a much smaller space can be used.

The lighting doesn’t matter as we have our studio flash and of course we supply our own backdrops if required.

A powerpoint will also be required.

What colour background do you use?
We usually use white, black or blue but we can use any colour.
Do you retouch my photos?
Yes every photo is retouched, the extent of the retouching  is based upon your requirements. We usually advise a light retouch to present you in the best light possible without going overboard.
How much does a portrait session cost?
In order to quote you accurately we need as much information as possible: how many people, where, outside or inside, how many styles do you require, how many photos do you require to be supplied etc

The best thing to do is to contact us using the contact link below or call us on 0408 572 749 to discuss your requirements and quote you accordingly.

In what format do you supply the photos?
We will supply the photos in whatever format you require: Jpeg, Tiff, Png, prints.

We generally supply them on a DVD saved at high resolution, medium resolution and web/email size.

Where are you based?
We are based in Sydney’s north Shore but we travel throughout the Sydney basin. Contact us if you are based further afield.