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How much do you charge studios?
For schools and studios (within 50km of CBD) who have a minimum of 50 students there is no costs whatsoever. We sell directly to the students and their families. In addition your studios receives a DVD with all the retouched photos for display, advertising, promotions or social media. We only ask that you don’t share the photos with the students.
How much notice do you need for a photo shoot?
The more notice the better especially for the months of October, November and December as it is a very busy period for us and we get bookings from our existing clients at the beginning of the year.
How much time do you need for a photo shoot?
It depends on many factors; the level of preparedness of the studio, how meticulous the studio is about posing, the age of the students and of course the number of students. For some studios, it takes all day, others half a day. If you have never organised a photo day before give us a call and we can discuss your requirements and advise you acordingly.
Do you pose the performers yourself or do you require assistance?
It depends on the studios, some are very meticulous and take time to pose each students perfectly, others leave it up to us because of time constraints. It is always best to have a teacher assist as they know the performance and the student’s capabilities. We have been photographing dancers for 19 years so we can give sugestions and we know what look good and what doesn’t. 
What colour background do you use?
We normally use a dark textured pattern or white. We generally recommend the dark textured pattern is the best as we can fit large groups and it doesn’t get dirty. White can be better if you have a lot of black costumes. We have found that other colours are distracting and take the focus away from the performer.

We also use a dance floor in white or black to suit the backdrop and create a professional and clean foreground.

What are you requirements for our photo day?
We need an indoor space for the photos, at a minimum 3m wide by 4m long but the larger the better especially for the group photos.

The lighting doesn’t matter as we have our studio flash and of course we supply our own backdrops.

A powerpoint will also be required.

How can a studio director best asset you on shoot day?
Being prepared is the best way to assist a photographer, that means having the costumes and make-up ready of course but also making sure the students are prepared by thinking and practising their poses especially the group poses as they can take a while to set-up in order to look the best.
Do you supply prints or digital files?
Both! When it is possible to sell the photos on the concert day we sell prints but the photos are also available on our online shopping cart where there is the option to choose prints, digital files or both.
Where are you based?
We are based in Sydney’s north Shore but we travel throughout the Sydney basin. Contact us if you are based further afield.